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Real Orchid Flower Earrings 14K Goldfilled

Real Orchid Flower Earrings 14K Goldfilled

These gorgeous and juicy earrings are made with real orchids that have been preserved and coated in resin. *Please note these earrings are fragile and extra care should be taken to prolong the life of these beauties. It is reccomended to store in a box in a dry cool area to prevent crushing, damaging, excessive heat or UV damage.


Available in these options:


1. off white with rutilated quartz~5 inches

2. purple edision and freshwater pearls

3. white +purple dangle ~4 inch

4. white +purple pink fluorite ~3.5 inches teardrop ~2.75 inches

5. red garnet dangle ~

7. purple fluorite ~3 inch

8. purple chocolate moonstone teardrop ~2.5 inches

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