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Bougainvillea Flower Earrings 14K GF

Bougainvillea Flower Earrings 14K GF

Preserved in time, these bougainvillea flower earrings are made with real flowers that have been preserved and coated in resin to give added protection and strength along with a juicy shine along with 14K goldfilled wire and chain. *please note, these items are fragile and extra care should be taken to prolong the life and beautyof these peices. It is reccomended to store items in a box in a cool dry area out of the sun.


Available in these options: 

1. pink sapphire triple dangle with watermelon tourmaline ~4.5 inches 

2. ombre dangles small to large ~4.5 inches 

3. double drop orange with box chain ~3.5 inches 

4. orange teardrops ~3.25 inches 

5. peachy gemstones with morganite and peach champagne quartz ~3.25 

6. ombre dangle drop large to small with curb chain ~5 inches 

7. purple amethyst with box chain ~4 inches 

8. simply peachy with curb and cable chain ~4.25 inches 









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