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Dangle Drop Earrings 14K Goldfilled

Dangle Drop Earrings 14K Goldfilled


Dangle drop earrings made with 14K goldfilled wire and chain. *note* these earrings are made to order so exact beads/pearl may vary slightly. 


Available in 


Lemon quartz: faceted lemon quartz and grossular garnet make up these simple and elegant earrings. Approximately 3 inches in length.


Blue Topaz: Made with faceted blue topaz marquise gemstones.


Rainbow Moonstone: Made with faceted rainbow moonstone gemstones. 


Japanese Coral: Made with peach sunstone and Japanese coral. 


Peach Cornflake Keishi Pearls: Natural japanese cornflake keishi pearls


Green Cornflake Keishi Pearls: made with green cornflake keishi pearl treated to enhance color along with green apatite semiprecious gemstones. 


Pyrite: Faceted pyrite rondelle and briolette gemstones Measuring approximately 3.5 inches in length


Herkimer Diamond: Made with herkimer diamond gemstones and 14K goldfilled cable chain


Tahitian Pearl: made with 14K goldfilled wire with Tahitian Keishi cornflake pearls

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