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Forever In Bloom Orchid Earrings 14K GF

Forever In Bloom Orchid Earrings 14K GF

Real preserved orchid flower earrings finished in resin with 14K goldfilled wire and chain along with various gemstones. 


Available in:

1. pink mai tai dangles ~4.25 inches with rhodolite gemstones 

2. mini white + red teardrop ~2.4 inches

3. ombre + rutilated quartz dangles ~4 inches with sunstone & imperial topaz 

4. purple + rose quartz dangles ~3.75 inches 

5. purple simple dangle ~ 3.25 inches 


*please note* these earrings are made with real orchids that have been through a preservations process. Each flower is unique and organic so extra care should be taken to preserve their beauty. Do not get wet, crush, leave in excessive heat or prolonged sun exposure. 


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