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Snake Earrings 14K Goldfilled

Snake Earrings 14K Goldfilled

Apatite+Black Spinel: Made with 14K hand-textured goldfilled wire filled with apatite chunks in resin with oxidized silver chain and black spinel semi-precious gemstones.


Abalone + labradorite: Unique snake earrings made with crushed abalone shell in resin cast within 14K goldfilled wire along with semiprecious labradorite and spinel gemstones. Measuring approximately 4.25 inches in length from top of earwire. 



Snake earrings made with 14K hand-textured goldfilled wire along with large faceted prehnite gemstones accompanied by green apatite and black garnet/spinel semiprecious gemstones. Approximately 4.9 inches in length. 



*note these items are made to order so exact gemstones, texture, final product may vary slightly. 

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