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Monstera Leaf Resin Earrings

Monstera Leaf Resin Earrings

Tropical monstera leaf earrings made with 14k goldfilled wire filled with resin and other materials. *Note* these items are made to order so individual textures, stones, materials may vary slightly. 


Available in these options: 


Peridot: chunks of peridot with extra split leaves. Approximately 2 inches


Blue Apatite: chunks of blue apatite with extra spilt leaves. Approximatley 2 inches in photo


Cobalt Blue Ombre: chunks of lapis lazuli, green aventurine, and amazonite. Approximately 2 inches in photo 


Turban shell chips: made with collected chips of the Hawaiian Turban shell. Approximately 1.75 inches in photo


Ocean Ombre: chunks of white moonstone, amazonite, and green aventurine approximatly 2.25 inches in photo 


Green Aventurine:  made with chucnks of green aventuring. Approximately 2.25 inches in photo 


Abalone: crushed slices of abalone shell. Measuring approximately 2.25 inches in photo 


Aquamarine: chunks or aquamarine. Approximately 1.5 inches in photo


Peridot + abalone: chunks of peridot and slices of abalone shell. Approximately 1.5 inches in photo. 


Green + Blue: Chunks of green quartz and amazonite. extra split leaves. Approximatly 2 inhes in photo. 


Sizes come in: 

mini: 1.5 inches

small: 1.75 inches

medium: 2 inches 

large: 2.25 inches

jumbo: 2.5 inches







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